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Uttara Impex Pvt. Ltd., under the dominion of Asia’s largest poultry conglomerate Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group, is an initiative of the VH group to centralize its import-export operations. Uttara Impex has been instrumental is exporting the quality products manufactured by the company and in importing & providing feed supplements / additives such as feed-grade amino acids, phosphates and vitamins to the poultry farmers.

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Trade Contact
Head Office
Name: Mr. Kunal Goswami
Add: Venkateshwara House S. No. 114/A/2, Pune Sinhagad Road, Pune – 411030
Phone: 020 – 24250218
Email Id:

For Trade Enquiry contacts

Area: North India
Name: Mr. Hariom Chouhan
Phone: +91 9552526901
Email Id:
Area: Punjab / Barwala
Name: Mr. Naveen Kundal
Phone: +91 8558801527
Email Id: N/A
Area: Haryana
Name: Mr. Pravin Kumar
Phone: +91 099-962-11881
Email Id:
Area: Tamilnadu
Name: Mr. Michaelsamy
Phone: +91 8778408835
Email Id: N/A
Area: Maharashtra
Name: Mr. Swapnil Ballal
Phone: +91 9689948713
Email Id: N/A
Area: Karnataka
Name: Mr. Anand Kumar
Phone: +91 9742808494
Email Id: N/A
Area: South India / Telangana / AP / Orissa
Name: Mr. Shankar Reddy
Phone: +91 8008802148
Email Id:

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