Vencobb 400Y


Vencobb 400Y, a product of indigenous breeding program tailor made to maximize profits for the vertically integrated poultry operation under tropical climate with open sided housing system. This product is the out come of 17 years of R & D efforts of the team of geneticists of Venco Research and breeing Farm Pvt. Ltd. Exceptional feed conversion. A consistent breeder performance with high chick numbers and least feed required per hatching egg. Vencobb 400 Y is known for its proven adaptability to varied climatic conditions and husbandry practices. Vencobb chicks are placed in india through its network of more than 300 franchisee hatcheries. Vencobb products enjoy 75% market share of the 2.5 billion Broiler Industry in India.

Broiler Performance

Performance Specifications
Age Live Weight FCR Breast Meat
35 Days 1.950 1.56 18.20
42 Days 2.625 1.68 19.50

Breeder Performance

1 Hen Housed Egg Production 205 eggs
2 Hen Housed Hatching Egg 195 eggs
3 Number of Chicks 172
4 % Livability (24-68 wks) 94%