Set Up

PDRC has a pool of expert scientists from all major poultry disciplines engaged in disease diagnosis and reseach & development programme. The ultramodern setup which includes sterile air handling in built system, positive and negative air handling system, etc. to makes it the best avian research premises in India. The vast network throughtout the country helps PDRC to keep tabs on Field Disease Conditions and undertake applied research.

Pathology Section

This section is equipped with autotechniques, autostainer and related histopathological equipment in order to process a large number of tissue samples in the shortest period.

Microbiology Section

In the microbiology section, isolation and characterization of pathogens is done. Anti-microbial sensitivity testing, microbial load in feed and water samples, hatchery and shed monitoring, are carried out.

Molecular Biology Section

This section is equipped with thermal cycles, gel electrophoresis and other required equipment. PCR assay helps in accurate diagnosis of diseases in very short periods.

Serology Section

In serology section in addition to HI testing for ND, EDS 76 and mycoplasma, ELISA tests for IBD, IB, Reo and CAA are carried out. Antigen coated plates are also supplied to zonal laboratories so that titres for the above mentioned diseases can be measured at the zonal level.