Vencob 400 Broiler Breeder

Up to 1990 Indian Broiler Industry structure was Breeder Farms and Hatcheries engaged in production and sales of day old chicks to Broiler Farmers and in turn Farmers grow and sell Broilers to Traders. In the Industry concept of profit was calculated at two levels – at breeder/Hatchery Level and at Broiler Farmer Level. At Breeder Level economics of the operation governed by the number of hatching eggs or chicks produced per hen housed birds whereas at broiler farmer level, it was governed by feed efficiency (FCR), depletion and weight gain. The bird was sold at retailer level on live weight basis.

In the early nineties the concept of Broiler integration started in south India and gained momentum. In the mid nineties slowly started spreading to Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh (western part of India). With this change in the Industry scenario, the existing breeders converted their operations into a fully integrated one and the majority of the existing broiler farms became part of the Integrated Poultry Operations. The farm size started increasing. All in all out system of growing is adopted. This was followed by a change at the retailers level, that is a shift from selling birds on live weight basis to dressed weight basis. This was perceived as initial stage of market being transformed from live bird (wet market) to fresh chilled/Frozen market. With this the profit concept of integrators has changed from number of hatching eggs or chicks per hen housed birds to total meat yield per hen housed breeders. During this period Indian economy was opened, sea of changes started taking place in all sectors of business including agriculture and poultry. Organized marketing of live birds and chilled fresh starter. Awarness of meat yield per live weight also percolated to retailers and consumer level.

With this development in the market higher meat yield from the Broiler has become a part of the breeder performance. The Research and development wing at Venco Research and Breeding Farms has foreseen these market changes well in advance and developed the breed which meets market requirement from breeders to consumer level.

VENCOBB 400 breed is developed after eight years of intense breeding and selection programme. As a result in addition to meeting above requirements this bird is adopted to tropical climate.

At breeder level Vencobb 400 is an early maturing bird with early peak, sustained production and better feed efficiency.

Broiler Stock Performance

Performance Specifications

Age Live Weight FCR
35 Days 1.925 1.58
42 Days 2.550 1.70

Breeder Stock Performance

Performance Specifications
1 Hen Housed Egg Production 205 eggs
2 Hen Housed Hatching Egg 195 eggs
3 Number of Chicks 172
4 % Livability (24-68 wks) 94%