L-Threonine 98.5% (Ajinomoto)


L-Threonine feed grade is produced by fermentation of natural agricultural products such as Starch, molasses and sugar.
It is an essential amino acid and involve in gut health and immune response.
For production of Mucins & Immunoglobulins (antibodies) threonine is highly required.

Commercial Guarantee:
Nutritional Values:
L-Threonine content, 98.0% minimum,
Moisture, 0.5% Maximum
Purity (Dry matter basis) 98.5% minimum
L-Threonine base content, 98.0% minimum
L-Threonine digestibility 100%
Crude protein 73% minimum
ME kcal/Kg, 4000

25Kg bag color coded in blue.


store in clean & dry condition, protected from light. Avoid source of combustion.

Shelf life:

The product is stable at least 3 years if store under recommended conditions in unopened original bag.
*COA available.