DL-Methionine 99% (Sumitomo)


Methionine is one of the essential amino acid that can not be synthesized in animal body.
To improve amino acid balance in feed and enhance growth and performance of poultry,
DL-Methionine has been utilized for more than 50 years.

Commercial Guarantee:
Nutritional Values:
Methionine content, 98.0% minimum,
Moisture, 0.3% Maximum
Purity (Dry matter basis) 99% minimum
DL-Methionine base content, 98.0% minimum
DL-Methionine digestibility 100%
Crude protein 58% minimum
ME kcal/Kg, 5000
Digestible Amino acid:


25Kg bag color coded in green


store in clean & dry condition, protected from light. Avoid source of combustion.

Shelf life:

The product is stable at least 5 years if store under recommended conditions in unopened original bag.
*COA available.