Betaine HCL 98% (UT – Betaine)


Betaine HCL 98% is produce by using TMA, Sodium carbonate & Hydrochloric acid. The properties of betaine derive from Nature or synthetic products are equal, unveiling a cheaper, non hygroscopic & non seasonal source of betaine HCL for feed industry.


Impurities- NIL Moisture < 1%
Thermostable & Heavy Metal Limit :- Lead(NMT 20)/Arsenic (NMT 2)
Economic Benefits:
  • Betaine act as osmolyte to prevent cell damage, protecting them from osmotic stress & dehydration by maintaining their water & ion balance.
  • Reducing the negative effects of heat stress.
  • As methyl donors, betaine sparing Methionine & Choli
  • Increased absorption of nutrients & maintain gut integrity.
  • Improved litter moisture level
  • Improved resistance to coccidiosis
  • Improves Carcass Quality

25Kg bag color coded in White.


store in clean & dry condition, protected from light. Avoid source of combustion.

Shelf life:

The product is stable at least 2 years if store under recommended conditions in unopened original bag.
*COA available.