Select right Vaccination Programme

There is no single vaccination programme that suits all chicken flocks in different parts of the world.

The following factors are to be considered in designing a vaccination programme

  • Virulence and serotype, subtype or strain of the field disease agents
  • The age at which the birds are susceptible (or most susceptible) to each disease agent
  • Risk of exposure

    For early vaccination against certain diseases like Infectious bursal disease, it is important to consider the levels and uniformity if maternal antibodies.

  • In breeders, the need to prevent vertical transmission of some disease agents (Infectious Avian encephalomyelitis) to the progeny.
  • In breeders, the need to provide the progent with protective levels of maternal antibodies.

Storage of Freeze Dried Vaccine

  • All live vaccines must be stored between 2 to 8 degree Celsius
    Storage of diluents required for reconstitution of freeze dried vaccine
  • Diluents may be stored at room temperature, but before vaccination diluent should be kept in refrigerator, to make it chill.
  • Storage of inactivated Vaccine

    • All inactivated (killed) vaccines should be stored between 2 to 8 degree Celsius. Inactivated vaccine should never be frozen. Keep the inactivated vaccine at room temperature at least 6 hours prior to vaccination.
    • All vaccines should be protected from direct sunlight and heat

    Procedure of reconstitution of freeze dried vaccine:

    • The procedure of reconstitution is always scrupulously followed to administer the individual pack of live freeze dried vaccines in the desired manner to maintain the quality of the vaccine till the end use.
    • The vaccinator must wear clean clothes and foot wears.
    • Procure the vaccine and diluent from reputed dealer
    • Transport vaccine in thermocole / thermos with sufficient ice in it
    • Store the diluent bottle overnight in refrigerator.
    • With sterile needle (20G) and syringe withdraw 2-5ml of chilled diluent and transfer it to vaccine vial.
    • Dissolve the vaccine pellet by gentle shaking. Transfer the reconstituted vaccine back to the diluent bottle and rinse the vaccine vial at least two times
    • Assure that all left over contents of the vaccine vial transferred back to the diluent bottle. Mix it throughly by gentle shake and store the bottle on ice during entire procedure of vaccination.
    • Always use the diluent supplied with vaccine.
    • Note down the batch no., date of manufacture and expiry with the details of the type of vaccines / diluent used.