Prevention of Diseases by Vaccine

The incidence of diseases is rather on the increasing side i the international poultry industry. Even through the chicks are vaccinated at early age and the vaccination does help in proper immunity, the basic principles of good hygiene have often been forgotten or ignored.

Diseases like Marek’s Disease virus is shed into the environment of the poultry house through the desquamation of feather follicle epithelial cells and survives in the litter and dust in the poultry house. like MD, there are number of diseases increasing and their control is very important.

For pathogen and specific diseases control, vaccine is only the solution. The quality vaccine and vaccination controls the spread of the disease, develops a safety-ring around the affected individuals, minimize the passage of the pathogens and supports the population to maintain better health. The vaccination thus becomes important considering the future of industry.


Once it is decided to vaccinate a chicken flock against certain diseases, the next step is to decide on vaccination programme which generally refers on many issues:

  • Frequency (number) of vaccination for a protective level of immunity.
  • Age of first vaccination and interval between subsequent vaccinations.
  • Method of administering the vaccine (route of vaccination).
  • Type of vaccine (live or inactivated) what strain or subtype, or serotype is incorporated.