Liver Tonics

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Liver is one of the most essential organ of body, and proper functioning of it is necessary for overall development and growth, digestion, detoxification. Venky’s (India) Limited has Hepawell-P, Upliv Forte , Upliv-H Premix and Upliv-H liquid which are balanced liver supportive threapy.

Hepawell-P-100x100 Product: HEPAWELL™ – P
Use/Desc: Improves body weight gain and FCR. Improves egg production.
Pack Size: 1 litre , 5 litre & 30 litre

Features: Optimises liver Function.Regulates liver function for better homeostasis more

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Upliv-Forte-133x300 Product: UPLIV-FORTE®
Use/Desc: Beneficial supplement after antibiotic therapy.
Pack Size: 1 litre & 5 litre

Features: Upgrades Liver Functioning Upliv Forte, an upgraded formulation for new requirements of high peforming flocks. and many moreRead More

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Use/Desc: o improve Growth, FCR & Body weight gain ,For better digestion and assimilation
Pack Size: 5 Kg, 25 kg

Features: Hepatoprotective Mould inhibitor and mycotoxin binder. Metabolic, Enzymatic and digestive stimulant. and many moreRead More

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Use/Desc: Improves broiler and layer traits. Prevents and detoxifies toxins
Pack Size: 1 Litre & 5 Litre

Features: Upliv-H liquid is unique proprietary blend of herbs, which protect liver and kidney, and counteracts ill effects of Mycotoxins.Read More

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Livtox Product: Livtox
Use/Desc: A unique combination of herbal and synthetic components with multifaceted action
Pack Size: 25kg

Features: Optimizes and regulate liver functions for better homeostasis mechanism….Read More

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