Heat Stable Hen Egg Yolk Powder

Product Name: Pasteurized Spray Dried Heat Stable Egg Yolk Powder
Ingredients: Egg Yolk liquid , common Salt , Maltodextrin
End Product Characteristics: Physical, Chemical ,Biological.
Parameter Unit Standard
Protein % Min 30
Fat % Min 51.0
salt Range % 7.5 8.5
pH Range 6.0-7.0
Moisture % Max 4.0
T.P.C Max 5000/g
Enterobacteriaceae Max 10/g
Salmonella Negative/250g
Functionality: The advantage of this product is its improved emulsifying abilities compared to standard egg yolk powder and liquid egg yolk. The amount of egg yolk powder in a full fat mayonnaise can be reduced with upto 20% compared to standard egg yolk powder. Further more it provides a more heat stable product. The application for Heat stable egg yolk powder is for Mayonnaise & custard and the difference between using standard egg yolk powder and heat stable egg yolk powder is by using the heat stable you can heat the mayonnaise without the oil start to separate.
Method of Preservation: Pasteurization, maintain Low moisture content of the dried powder
Packaging -Primary: The product is packed with net weight of 20 kgs in HMHDPE bags placed in a 5 ply corrugated box by maintaining positive pressure in the room
Packaging -Shipping: The plastic bags are knotted and placed in corrugated box. The box is sealed with BOPP tape in all directions
Storage conditions: Stored under dry and dark conditions
Distribution method: As per customer suggestion transported in a closed dry 20/40 feet container( refer/nonrefer).
Shelf life: One year under recommended storage conditions
Special labeling: Information available on cartons includes Name of the product, box no., batch No., Expiry date, manufacturers address, EIA approval no.of the plant. Some times tailor made customer labels are used
Customer Preparation: Use directly along with other ingredients for food formulations as per the Recipe.
Intended Use: Suitable for Mayonnaise, dressings, sauces and other emulsified systems The food formulations can be consumed by all age group people /General Public. Those who are allergen to egg product can consume or use this product at their own measure