Venkateshwara Research and Breeding Farm Pvt. Limited (VRB), a Joint Venture between ISA Babcock Ithaca, N.Y. USA and Venkateshwara Hatcheries Limited, was established in 1980, for undertaking pureline research and breeding work for egg-type chicken suited to Indian agro-climatic and market conditions.

The Next Generation

VRB with facilities to evaluate 150,000 birds in cages and a state-of-the-art egg quality laboratory and latest generation computers, has the most modern facilities for genetic research. Huge volumes of data on egg production, egg quality, body weight, feed consumption, and other traits are collected and analyzed. Based on these analyses, the most productive birds with best livability are chosen as pedigree candidates.

The BV 300 layer and layer breeder are the result of this dedicated effort which has spanned 30 years. Today with an 80% + market share, in spite of the competition from several other breeds, the BV 300 is still the market leader.


The pureline operations of VRB are located in the environment friendly outskirts of Pune and headed by Dr. G L Jain. Grandparent operations are also based in Pune.

Genetic Team

Dr. G.L. Jain, Dr. Prakashbabu Mamilla, Dr. Dinesh Ladani, Mrs. Asha Tatke


In recognition of its R&D efforts, the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology conferred upon VRB the National Award for R&D Efforts in Industry in 1994.

The turnover of VRB in 2002-03 was Rs 61.7 Millions of which Rs. 61.7 Millions (32 percent) was spent on R&D.

Since 1981 VRB is recognized as In House R & D Centre by Govt. of India. The average R & D expenditure (Revenue & Capital) as a % of turnover from 1981-2010 is 38%.

Product Ranges