Uttara Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Uttara Impex Pvt. Ltd. Was established in January 2009 by Mr. B. Venkatesh Rao, the young and dynamic Managing Director of the Uttara Group, a part of world renowned poultry conglomerate, the Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group.

Uttara Impex Pvt.Ltd. was set up with the aim of centralizing the export and import activities of all the organizations under the Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group and thereby successfully foraying into the international market from a position of strength.

Our export portfolio mainly includes Animal Health Products, Poultry Vaccines, Poultry Feed, Feed Supplements and Disinfectants.


To make available our high quality products and services globally, through skilled international representatives equipped with highest level of technical knowledge in the industry.


To establish Uttara Impex Pvt. Ltd. As a leading export organization by building on our history of product excellence achieved through innovation and by consistently and successfully delivering quality products and services.
To provide high quality, safe and reliable services to our world-wide customers in the field of veterinary and human health care.

To maintain industry standards by providing excellent, timely, cost effective and reliable services to our customers.
To provide the best products and services to our customers through dedication and excellence.

In our efforts to pursue our vision Uttara Impex Pvt. Ltd. has outlined the following plan of action:

To enter regulated markets like Europe and U.S.
To set up efficient teams in various international markets in order to explore and analyze the market potential.
To strengthen our hold in existing markets like Middle-East, Africa and Asia.
To increase our market share in existing markets by increasing the sale of our products in these markets.