Venkateshwara BVBiocorp Pvt. Ltd.

The flagship company of the V.H. Group was established under the able guidance of its founder chairman late Padmashree DR. B. V. RAO. Toady the group is world renowned for its adherence to quality through Technology.
The Venkateshwara BVBiocorp Pvt. Ltd. manufactures products by its different segments like Biotech and Hitech (Trace minerals and complete range of Biosecurity product) using state-of-art technology combined with the research and innovative spirit of its qualified professionals.
The division having years of experience of handling vitamins and its premixes through its highly accredited manufacturing plant (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, GMP and FAMIQS). Along the vitamin premixes also have a range of proven probiotics, immunomodulators & other yeast based roducts.
Disinfectant division established decades ago to give complete of biosecurity solutions. Complete disinfectant range of products to serve the poultry industry. Newly launched Aqua segment geared up to serve the aqua industry thorough its Health product, Vitamin premixes and Biosecurity solutions.