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Venky’s Rezilon, FMCG range of products launched in Pune market in July 2013, with an encouraging response from the market.
Rezilon product range is now available in most of the major towns in Maharashtra & Goa and rapidly spreading its reach throughout the country.

These products are especially developed for daily hand sanitization which is effective in reducing the risk of infection.

rezilon sanitizer Product: Relizon
Use/Desc: Kills 99.99% of Germs without water
Pack Size: 15ml, 50ml

Features: RELIZON is an instant hand and skin germicidal which is effective … Read More

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rizilon handwash Product: Rezilon hand wash
Use/Desc: Germizap Protection from Germs & dirts
Pack Size: 185ml Refill, 225ml,

Features: cleans and removes Dirt, Germs from your hand…Read More

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