Phytase Enzyme

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Phytic acid is the primary storage form of phosphorus in feed ingredients. And the major portion of the phosphorus in plant feed ingredients is in the form of phytate, which is a complex of phytic acids along with minerals, trace minerals, proteins and amino acid etc.

The ability to utilize the phosphorus bound phytic acid is very poor for lacking phytase in birds. However, the phytase can hydrolyze phytate and release phosphorus, and improves the utilization of phosphorus in feed material.

Phytase Enzyme breaks structure of phytate and release the nutrients such as phosphorous, mineral element, protein, starch and enhance the utilization of them.

Optiphos-DS-224x300 Product: OPTIPHOS®DS
Use/Desc: To improve the availability of Phytate Phosphorus & make feed formulations economical.
Pack Size: 5 kg & 25 kg.

Features: Superior microbe stain, high production efficiency and excellent stability. Uniform size and shape, free flowing & suitable granule diameter.Read More

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