Monocalcium Phosphate 21% (Biofos)


Biofos is a feed grade Monocalcium Phosphate, Manufacturing in Florida (U.S.A).
It is a source of highly available phosphorous (P) & calcium (Ca) that will help to meet the demand of phosphate for poultry and aqua.
For over 50 year BIOFOS has been the standard by which a other feed phosphates are compared.

Physical Description:

Dark Grey Granule.

Physical Specification:
Phosphorus: 21 % Min Fluorine: 0. 21% Max
Calcium: 15% Min Bio-availability: 99.8%
  • BIOFOS has consistence quality and available throughout the year.
  • BIOFOS has granular form that provides superior blending capabilities and less waste due to airborne dust.
  • BIOFOS keeps equipment and environment clean.
  • BIOFOS has high relative biological availability (99.8%), proven by live trial.
  • BIOFOS can reduce your per unit P costs when considering all above factors during feed formulation.

25Kg bag color coded in grey.


store in clean & dry condition, protected from light. Avoid source of combustion.

Shelf life:

The product is stable at least 2 years if store under recommended conditions in unopened original bag.
*COA available.